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Re : Re: A request from a non-conlanger

From:From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html <lassailly@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 20:48
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 13/10/99 20:46:24  , Sylvia a =E9crit :
> > >I need a team name. What's bullshit in Kellinan' (or however you spell > > your language!) Or maybe in somebody else's language! > =20
tunuans would translate "bullshit" as "nini simo" ( [nini Simo] ) which means "this (is) true" because saying "this is true" implies that you could reversely consider that "this is untrue" (nini nyasimo : [nini =F1aSimo]). if you want to agree politely, just say "sasa tite" ("now eat" =3D "let's ea= t") except when you agree regarding a topic related to food because=20 then one could consider that you consider reversely to the consideration regarding food - whereupon you have to say "kuli lolo ?" ("weather how ?" =3D "how (is the) weather ?"). except if the topic regards the weather, of course. but this is another=20 problem to address. then don't move anymore and mail me first. and watch your finger= s. mathias