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Ubykh phonology

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 9:12
Danny Wier asked for the Ubykh phonology
yesterday. Here it is:

1. b b- d d0 3 3^ 3^0 3*' 3*   g` g
2. p p- t  t0 c c^c^0 c*' c*  k` k k0 q` q q0 q- q-0
3. p' p-' t'  t'0 c' c^'c^'0 c*' c*' l-' k`' k' k'0 q`' q' q'0 q'- q-'0

4. v v-    z z^ z^0  z*' z*0 z* l   g^  g* g g*
5. f        s s^ s^0  s*' s*0 s* l- x^ x*` x* x*0 x- x-0 h

sonorants: m w, m- w-, n y r

1.= voiced, 2.= voiceless, 3.= ejective 4.=voiced fric
5.=voiceless fricative

A lot of diacritics, so I have to explain something:
- = pharyngialisation
0 = labialisation
3 = j as in English "Jim" (alveolar)
^= palatal
l-=  tl as in Aztec "tletl"
c= ts

And now for the vowels:

@, e, a