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Betreft: Re: various infotaining natlang tidbits

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 11:55
>>> Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...> 06/14 1:36 >>>
"Pickaninny" is apparently a word that has been incorporated in all the European-based creoles of the world in some form or other. Same with "savvy" apparently. These originated perhaps from a Portuguese based jargon spoken on sailing ships in the old days with a multinational crew. I.e. "pickaniny" from "pequenho" and "savvy" from "saber" (I think).
In Wes Kos (Cameroon) is an English based pidgin and also uses a form of saber: à fyá se à nó sàbi I fear that I no know. I also think there was a Portugues based creole indeed. Too many times the same words occur in different pidgins