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CHAT: Conpidgin (was: CHAT: Star Wars and its conlangs)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 25, 1999, 17:11
Gary Shannon wrote:

>Speaking of pidgins, has any conlanger out there ever designed a >conpidgin? That might be a fun project, especially if it were >designed to be about 50% comprehensible to a speaker of the base >language. You could drive your English speaking friends nuts by >talking to them in your own English-based conpidgin that they could >almost, but not quite understand. <hehe>
I've done an English based creole for the Philippines. Its basically English with Filipino type syntax. (Much like a creole that already exists in the Philippines, Chabacano - Spanish with Filipino type syntax). Below is a sample. See if you can recognize what is said without going nuts 8-) (I'm sure its easy though): "At bigin da word olredi, en da word is wid Gad, en da word is Gad." "Dis at por bigin is wid Gad." "Meyki olredi op si da ol op meni ting, en ol op meni meyk is nat meyk ip nat da si is onli." "Da layp at si meyk olredi, en da layp is si da layt op meni person." "En layter da layt at meni darknis, en nat dipiti op layt da darknis." "Apir olredi op wan person send olredi op Gad, en koli Jan. "Dis person is kam olredi sodat porwitnes da layt, en biliber da ol bikos at si." "Nat da si da layt; kam onli porwitnes at layt." -kristian- 8-)