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CHAT subtitles etc. (was: orthography and pronunciation)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, April 22, 2001, 5:24
Dan Jones wrote:
>Me too. I even like watching English movies subtitled in French, and >vice-versa because the disparity between the speech and the subtitle is >often quite funny - French and English subtitlers don't understand the >nuances of the other language, I reckon. I basically learnt Spanish from >songs and subtitled movies (hence I know how to say "I love you" but not >"where are the toilets please"). >
I don't know about recent intro texts, but back in the 50's neither my Spanish nor Italian courses bothered with such elementary stuff as toilets. Fortunately, John Wolff's "Introductory Indonesian" went into the arrangements in some detail, probably to stave off major culture shock, since outside of posh Jakarta or Bali, toilets (dibelakang) and bathing (mandi) are distinctly un-western. (The old Dutch-built house where I mostly stayed did have a porcelain flush toilet (tank up on the wall), but it didn't work. You poured in a bucket of water, and the stuff went _somewhere_. Water from the bathing area drained out a little hole in the wall and nourished the bushes outside.) ObConlang: Kash: riyena eyurun? Where is the toilet/restroom. _eyurun_ is lit. "the place". They do have flush toilets. And of course they bathe, but I haven't worked on getting the fur dry. Gigantic blow-driers?


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