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"Bird in Tree" translation (was: Re: milimpulaktasin)

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Sunday, April 22, 2001, 3:27
daniel andreasson wrote:
> > Hey. > > Here is a small translation of a dialogue into Nakiltipkaspimak. > This translation exercise was done on Conlangs_in_use a while > ago. The fun part is that I've recorded it as a Real Audio-file > and put it on my website as an example of how Pimak sounds. The > address is: >
<snip> Well, I translated this into Ajuk, for fun. When I get the chance, I'll record it and put it up on... uh... something. I don't have a website yet, but this is one more excuse to get one. A: Odap visenapoki ukhoto elpisoto abrano. B: Nomap visenapa! A: Duz najaj upoti uzot khinvisenot dorot felden! B: O! Khinvisenot upoti, nan? Interlinear: Od -ap visen-ap -ok -i ukh-ot -o elpis-ot-o abran-o. 2 -masc. look -masc.-IMP-3 the-in.-ACC small-in.-ACC tree -ACC. Look at the small tree! Nom-ap visen-ap -a! 1 -masc. look -masc.-1 I see (it)! Duz najaj up-ot -i uz-ot khinvisen-ot dor-ot felden! In top-DAT is-in.-3 a -3 beautiful-in. red-in. bird In the top is a beautiful red bird! O! Khinvisen-ot up-ot -i, nan? Ah! Beautiful-3 is-in.-3, no? Ah! It's beautiful, no? Just a few things to note: When no case or number is mentioned, assume nominative and singular. I originally put place holders ("0") in, and while was less ambiguious I suppose, it looked too messy. Numbers indicate person. masc. masculine in. inanimate IMP imperative Phonetically: /'erap vis'enapoki 'uxoto el'pisoto ab'rano/ /'nomap vis'enapa/ /'duz 'naja 'upoti 'uzot xinvis'enot 'dorot fel'den/ /'o: xinvis'enot 'upoti 'nan/ Well, that's all for now. Like I said, I'll get it recorded and put it up. I can pronounce the last sentance correctly - it seems to be the easiest one for me. -- Robert


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