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Asking for plausibility

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Date:Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 4:43
I've already begun to think to sound changes for the time when I'll think
that Vbazi will be advanced enough to begin something else.

Among these sound changes, there is one I tought about but I don't know if
it would be too complicated.

This change would be, when voiced fricatives occur between two monophtongs
from which the first is stressed, the fricative would become voiceless and
the stress would go to the following syllable.

The word "Vbazi" (I can speak) itself would change from ['vbazi] to
[vba'si]. The word "ljyze" (you are low) would change from ['ljEze] to

I'd like to know if this is too complicated since I do not know much about
sound changes.

There are some changes that I am more sure about but that I'd like to

[h_j] -> [C]
[h_l] -> [K]
[h_w] -> [p\] (or maybe [W])
[N_j] -> [J]

Does those changes seem plausible?

- Max


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