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Re: Language Change

From:Markus Miekk-oja <torpet@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 14:08
> daniel andreasson wrote: > > > > Markus Miekk-oja skrev: > > > > > I don't think the taboo lasts for alot more than one > > > generation...if not they tell their kids "Never, ever > > > say these words: Eve, Ed, Bill, Eric, Anne, Alain, > > > Roland, Marcus, ... > > > > Why would they? If no one uses those words, the kids never > > hear them, they won't learn them and probably won't go around and > > say them. Unless they spontaneously come up with new > > words just for fun and one of them happens to be > > a taboo word. Which is kinda unlikely. > > > > I was going to mention this too, but then I realized that Markus also > specified that this applied to a group who had also mastered the art of > writing (it's snipped in Danny's reply and I no longer have the original > message), so if the kid reads it, he'll learn the word, and maybe say > it, etc. We're talking about Australian aboriginal languages, right? > *Did* they have a written language as well?
Nope, I guess, (and I'm, though no expert at it rather sure that they hadn't.) But, in a conlang/culture with that, it could be *very* fun (and give you no spare time whatsoever after having a)created names, b)"killed" some names, c)remade some roots, d)"killed" some more. The Bible would need some major changes about every ten years there...