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Re: Language Change

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Thursday, January 6, 2000, 5:25
On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Patrick Dunn wrote: > > But somewhat more difficult in Hebrew, which doesn't have English's > > incredible slew of synonyms. > > And, presumably, impossible in artificial langs like Basic English or > Laminal.
Which is, incidently, one of the reasons I dislike many auxlangs. Esperanto is the only one I know of with a lot of room for coining and and with a supply of synonyms. That's not meant to imply that there aren't others -- if there are, I want to hear about them. Also, in the above post, I didn't mean any sort of disdain of Hebrew at all. I actually think Hebrew is one of the most beautiful languages on Earth. --Pat