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Re: Language Change

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Monday, January 10, 2000, 22:15
On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> >(pronouncing the /n/ means that one is either from the North or a > >pedant; > > Really ? In Eindhoven and the towns even more in the South, > pronouncing the /n/ is pretty much the rule, as I heard it when I > was there. And there, they say that not pronouncing the /n/ is a > feature of the North...
Depends on what you call the North. In Eindhoven, what they call the North is the middle, where relatively standard Dutch is spoken. What *we* call the North is *really* far north, Groningen for instance, where they pronouce _lopen_ [lo:pm] with a syllabic 'm', whereas we say ['lop@] and people from Brabant and Limburg who think they're speaking standard Dutch say ['lop@n]. My mother-in-law, a retired schoolteacher who lives in Brabant, pronounces the -n (and so do our kids when they come back from a few days' visit). I think (but I might be wrong) that it's a hypercorrection, because they see the /n/ written and think it should be pronounced; I don't know enough about Southern Dutch dialects to know whether they have the final -n or not. Irina -- Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself) - (Valdyas) (home)