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Anthroponymics (was Re: A single font can display ANY alphabet, pictograph, or rune)

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Saturday, October 15, 2005, 18:16
Jean-François Colson wrote:

> > I did not know that French naming system is different > > from Anglo-Saxon and Ukrainian. > > Really different?
Well, it seemed so. Anyway, the traditional Russian anthroponymic model that still functions as official in Ukraine, is quite different from the Western world, as it uses patronymics.
> If you can't type the c with cedilla, simply type JF, that's even shorter > than Jean and that's often used, mainly in writing.
I can. Even from English (USA) layout it may be reached through Alt-0231. But I have also English (US-International) and Spanish layouts that permit typing it directly.
> BTW Natasha is a pet name for Natalia in Russian. Right? But in French > Natacha and Nathalie are used as two separate names.
"Pet names" are called diminutives in this part of the world. Nowadays in Ukraine they are forbidden to be used in official documents. I don't know the situation in Russia. In the USSR diminutives from Ruaain names were quite popular and could be used in some national regions, e.g. I know one Armenian under the name Sasha Melikyan, where Sasha is his *full* name, while among Russians it is a diminutive from Aleksandr.
> Jean-François Daniel Jacques Nicolas Colson, aka JF ;-) > > (These are my four first names and my last name, but nearly no one knows
> last three first names.) ;-)
Wow! I'm impressed. -- Ihor Anatoliyovych Penziev, aka Yitzik ('coz my Jewish name is Yitzchak, that is Isaak)


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