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CORRECTION!! Translation: Trolls and their Management

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, January 18, 2004, 19:18
AARGH.  Should be _sasakaçe_ (dative case) which would probably be
pronounced (irreg.) ['sas(@)kaSe].

I have decided this is one of the rare loans in Kash from the Lang-Lang
language Prevli or Pervil (a "primitive" and genetically different species
of Kash-like people who live, not entirely by choice, in the interior
mountains/forests of Yanatros and a few other places. They have generally
tan fur, sometimes with spots or stripes, and are poor telepaths. Their
origin is a scientific mystery.

When Kash people arrived on Yanatros about 2500 years ago, they briefly
tried to enslave the Lang-Lang, as a result of which they discovered, inter
alia, that interbreeding was not a good idea.  The outcome was either
stillborn, badly deformed, hopelessly retarded and, if it survived to
adulthood, sterile.
> I think I've got it!! > > yanda rundahan sasakaç > /jand@ rum-naxan sásakaS/ > do-not CAUS-eat "troll" >