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Re: Grantha

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, January 7, 2000, 10:14 writes:
>I'm looking for other sites on Grantha myself! I'm going to e-mail the >webmaster and ask for fonts or other info.
If you get a reply, feel free to send me a message :).
> > >Meanwhile, the character sets for Tamil and Malayalam (Kannada and Telugu >are 'hybrid' scripts, modeled after Grantha but with Devanagari influences >since the characters have topstrokes which came from the Dev. 'hanging >line') -- go here: > >
Well I found a site with the Brahmi derived scripts on it earlier to check to make sure the characters were correct, since Tamil hasn't changed too many of it's glyphs from Grantha. Anyway, I figured out a way to represent ng, just take n, and put a dot in the center for distinguishing it. I should have a GIF up of the font tomorrow. It will also display the evolution of the characters from Grantha (at least, I hope the Grantha I found is right :) ). All I can say about it now is, if you saw the Saalangal compared to the Grantha, you would not think the Saalangal one was derived from it (the letters have been simplified quite a bit). Also, I did four "mutations" of the characters to arrive at the modern script. So, I now have a 5 part evolution of the script. The diphthongs were formed from combining a vowel with y or w to come up with a new character. Using Grantha seemed logical because Tamil was too difficult for me to follow, and Grantha seems to be the basis for quite a few of the South East Asian scripts. Not to mention the island of the Saalangal people is not very far away from India.
> >Then scroll down to Tamil, Malayalam and anything else you might be >interested in. (I need to learn Tibetan and Thai myself.)
I tried connecting but couldn't get into that web page. The site I could get into but not the other.
> > >Problem though -- the conjunct <ks.> and <jn~> characters are not included >in Devanagari or any other Indic script. Why I do not know, since those >are >very important in all Indian languages!
That's odd. You would think it would be important to list those. Very odd.
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