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THEORY: clicks

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, April 4, 1999, 13:46
I'm having trouble feeling sure about the names I've
given to some sounds in my latest lang, Xkanxey
(<x> = /s./, retroflex "s"). I have two sounds that
seem to be clicks, which I transliterate <c> and <f!>.

<c> is produced by placing the tip of the tongue against
the (post)alveolar zone, then rarifying the air behind it
so that it "pulls" the tongue backwards, and then releasing
it. I'm quite sure this is a click. Am I right?

<f!> is produced in a similar way, but with the upper
teeth placed in the inner side of the lower lip. When
the lip and the teeth split apart, there's something
I'd call a click, but also a kind of sibilant sound,
like a buzz. I called this a labiodental click. Is it
correct? Does such a sound even exist in any natlang?

Well, and then I have the infamous sublaminal linguolabial
trills we talked about some time ago. I'm thinking of
dropping them though, because they make you spit everything
in front of you. Especially the aspirated one.

Finally, a sound I don't have, but I may add. Pronounce
it by placing the tongue horizontally, then rarify
the air and produce a click (?) in the back of the palate,
probably in the velum... kinda disgusting articulation.
What would you call this?

--Pablo Flores

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