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Re: Fruitcakes Re: Fruitcakes was Re: Kentum/satem

From:Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>
Date:Thursday, May 2, 2002, 23:16
> >On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 23:32:38 -0400 "Karapcik, Mike" ><KarapcM@...> writes: > > Ok, I'm curious as to the region in which the meaning changes. > > > When I was growing up, "fruitcake" ment a wacko (full of nuts > > and > > colorful mystery bits), and "fruity" or "fruit" was a rather obscure > > term > > for a gay man. > > > I know Anita Bryant (*iiickyyyy*, just typing that makes me want > > to > > bleach my keyboard) was very fond of the words "fruity" and "fruit", > > and I > > think she was the first I heard use "fruitcake" to refer to a gay > > man. >- > >Who's Anita Bryant?
Who's Anita Bryant? Are you kidding me? Well, I guess if you don't know who she was, that's a good thing. Maybe she never reached as many people as I'd thought. But, truthfully, that's scary: if you don't know. Anita Briant was an anti-gay campaigner (I guess) quite a while ago.
>In the NYC Metro area i don't think there's much of a connection between >"fruity" and "fruitcake"... i've heard the adjective "fruity" (meaning >'like a stereotypical gay male, effeminate') a lot more often than the >noun "fruit", though. And "fruitcake" i can only remember hearing in the >"crazy like an inedible dessert full of surprises" sense.
I live in NYC too. And I've heard it in that sense plenty. Sometimes it seems that Manhattan island is bigger than, say, Michagen, with things like that. There's no one way for everything around here. Jake _________________________________________________________________ Join the world’s largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail.