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[Fwd: A Situation.]

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 3, 1998, 4:24
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Subject: A Situation.
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As all of you know, I quit the auxlang list a while back. Some of you
posted remarks about that entitled something like "CONCERNED"
Well, I was concerned, and had to leave to get my head straight, and
to figure out how to handle a stituation that was subtlely threating
to my effort to get Occidental going again. Sad to say, some of the
same situation is still around after all.
And, I was not going to say anything about this to the list. But,
after tonight I've decided to mention something about it and names. I
have grown to really like this list, and the conlang list. However,
all is not well still. So, let's just start with the assumption that
it is strictly _all and completely my fault_, and that I am the one
who has misunderstood.

Having said that here's why I left. Jay Bowks. He is why I
immediately closed the lingue list to anyone without approval. And,
he did try to join it. He informed me in a private post that if I did
not have Paul's and Kjell's approval, and maybe others , I don't
recall since no other names were mentioned, that I would not be
permitted to get Occidental going again. Now, whether Jay was just
kidding, or not, I took him seriously and took it as a threat to my
work, and I took into consideration, rightly or wrongly, that he was
implying 3 Ilaists would fight against the reestablishment of Occ.
I'm am probably wrong, but that is how I took his communications.
And, the situation has not diminished. I just asked Jay an hour or so
ago to remove my name from the auxilingua list.
Personally, I do not believe what he said about Paul or Kjell.
However, the implication I took was that they had talked this over by
private mail.  And, I got the impression Jay was saying those three
would work to hinder my efforts if they could. Frankly, I think Jay
was puffing his case too much.
So, here's the thing. I WILL NOT STOP WORKING WITH OCCIDENTAL because
of Jay Bowks or anyone else using such tactics against me.
I probably should not post this, but it has gotten to the point that
I can no longer keep my mouth shut. Tomorrow I may wish I had just
let it go. But, this "crap" has gone on long enough and I want to get
the air cleared.
Now, I will have to again make some decisions on how to handle this
situation from this point on. I'm sorry to post this as it can
certainly be misconstrued in every direction imaginable.
So, with hesitancy in telling you, that is the situation at the
If you have comments, it would probably be better to do it in private

Sorry to bring this up,
Bob, x+