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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 22:29
I'll play.

I'm Patrick Dunn.  I live in DeKalb, Illinois, which is about 60 miles
from Chicago, and I'm working on my Ph.D.  Well, okay, I'm wasting time
online when I should be reading middle English ballads.  But hey, that's
close enough.

I have an unholy fondness for punk music, but I also like classical (I
adore Orff, and not just cause Carmina Burana is a bunch of Latin drinking

My Ph.D. studies focus on medieval and modern literature, so I read Old
English, a tiny bit of Old Norse, and some Latin (working on it slowly). I
also read and speak Spanish and a bit of French.  I really ought to learn
German, but I have a strong aversion to the language for some reason (I
can often understand bits of it if spoken slowly, because it's similar to
Old English). I also want to learn Japanese and one or more varieties of
Chinese.  For my undergrad language I took Hebrew, but my understanding of
the language is sketchy at best.

My conlangs and many and various.  I invented a series of language
sketches for a friend's role playing world, and I also occasionally do
doodles of language like most people doodle pictures.  My current big
project is Hrondu, but I haven't worked on it much lately.  I often just
invent the bare bones of a language then discard it.  THat used to bother
me, but it doens't anymore.


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                it has never been attempted before.