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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 21:42
OK, my name is (as you can see above) Andreas Johansson. I'm 19 and come
from Sweden, which despite what many seem to think isn't a town somewhere in
the USA but a European country roughly the size of California. I've moved
around a bit in my life, but am now living just outside Linköping, which's a
city of 100k. The fifth letter is an "o" with a diaeresis, in case your mail
program messes it up.

I'm learning technology on gymnasium level right now, but in the summer I'll
do my national service, sitting on a boat and droppin' mines into the

I speak Swedish of course, plus English and so-and-so German. I can read
Norwegian (both types) and Danish, and understand spoken Norwegian with
little trouble. Spoken Danish is very difficult since the Danes have
notoriously lazy articulation (the easiest Danish is that spoken by people
who learnt Danish as a foreign language!).

I'm not very interested in music, and have few firm favourites. I've
listened alot to ABBA the last few days, and I also like Dune and Kraftwerk.
I'm almost tone-deaf, which may perhaps excuse my lacking musical taste ...

On conlangs, my main project is Tairezazh, which belongs to a confuture
world. I've did some work on other languages like Steienzh, Kesheâras,
Altaii, Tersnu-ite (all from the same conworld) and Cyran. Tairezazh's and
Steienzh's common ancestor Xaláishu have also been worked on a bit, as the
have Common Azainic, the ancestor of Tersnu-ite. Countless langs live as
single words in the Tairezazh universe, for example is the place-name "Zada"
all that remains of a language once spoken on the planet Taiktadznek.


David Peterson wrote:>
>Since the whole issue of American and English speakers and Canadian and >such came up, why doesn't everybody say where there from, what languages >they speak, and something else of interest? > >I'm David Peterson (going forever after by "Jenesis"). I've lived all my >life in Southern California, though I'm going to Berkeley now. I speak >(mas o menos) Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Esperanto, Greek (Modern), Latin, >Hindi, German, French, and others I'm forgetting. I've created about eight >languages, the biggest of which has more than a thousand entries. So, >that's me. > >-Jenesis
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