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Re: Elet Anta course + translation

From:Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 28, 1999, 12:35
On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, John Fisher wrote:

> Here's another translation exercise from the course, if anyone wants a > go (sorry that it's rather culture-specific...)
Not all that culture-specific; the only thing that would be strange in Valdyas is to go to a shop to buy a cat instead of asking your neighbour for a kitten. This one was very easy! New words: kitchen (and the root "cook"), table, problem (from an existing root "easy"), to buy, to sell (and "salesperson"), to sit (and "seat, chair"), near, peace.
> There are many mice in my house. I don't like them, they are dirty. > Yesterday I saw three mice on the kitchen table, eating the bread. My > mother said, "Buy a cat. Cats happily eat mice, and there will be no > problem in your home." In the shop I looked at two cats. The second > one was very big and bad tempered, and it only had one eye. The > attendant said, "It eats many mice." I bought it enthusiastically. > The cat sat in my kitchen, and its one eye looked at me angrily. I > was frightened of it, and I felt sorry for the mice. But in the > evening, I saw the cat lying on a chair. Very near it were three > mice. All four animals were sleeping calmly.
Astien ien mychi loch. Alea napylan, alean nacyli. Hanrie echain mychena besh horsien bylyes lea rusta cronayt. Nane laynynat: "Muza garay. Muzi mychena cronayt parien, nanerisin so nahyn astien tien". Trynyes muzena ilea chalynan. Zalea domoy so dogaz, nestyn chan chanie so lean. Dinan "mychena loch cronat" laynynat. Lea garan doparien. Muz bylyes nedat, nestyn chan lean so i chalynat gazie. Lea serynan mychena so lidan. Telhien do muza chalan lea nesien murat. Lea dogyin mychi besh. Rychin amoch suri banie. ------------------------------------------------------------ astien ien mychi loch house-loc-s Poss1-loc-s mouse-nom-p many alea na.pylan alean na.cyli 3pA-O NEG-like-1s-PRS 3pA-S NEG-clean-nom-p The common gender, because mice are animate but their gender is not important (except to each other when they want to make little mice). hanrie echain mychena besh horsien bylyes day-loc-s PST mouse-acc-p three table-loc-s kitchen-loc-s "yesterday" Now the story is put in its time it can continue in the present tense. lea rusta cronayt REL bread-acc-s eat-3p-PRS No participles; they do it with relative clauses. nane laynynat muza garay mother-nom-s say-3s-PRS cat-acc-s buy-2s-PRS "Mother" with no further determiner is taken to mean "my mother" in this context. muzi mychena cronayt parien cat-nom-p mouse-acc-p eat-3s-PRS pleasure-ins-s na.nerisin so na.hyn astien tien NEG-easy.thing-nom-cp and NEG-FUT house-loc-s Poss2-loc-s "trouble" The future marker for sentences without a finite verb, that appears here because Valdyan has no copula to hang the tense on, gets the (verbal) negation: "there will be no trouble in your house". trynyes muzena ilea chalynan market-loc-s cat-acc-p two-A look-1s-PRS Shops don't sell cats; if you insist on buying a cat instead of getting one for free your best bet is the market. zalea do.moy so do.gaz second AUG-big and AUG-angry It's a bit strange to say _zalea_ before you've had _zachan_ "first", but never mind. nestyn chan chanie so lean eye-nom-s one only and Poss3A-nom-s "only one eye [is] his". The cat is also common gender (though I suspect it's a tom) because that hasn't been explicitly stated. dinan mychena loch cronat laynynat salesperson-nom-s mouse-acc-p many eat-3s-PRS say-3s-PRS Without the punctuation, which exists in the Valdyan script but is usually not written, this can also mean "he/she/it (probably the cat) says that the salesperson eats many mice" but attractive as it may seem this is clearly nonsense. lea garan do.parien 3sA-O buy-1s-PRS AUG-pleasure-ins-s muz bylyes nedat cat-nom-s kitchen-loc-s sit-3s-PRS nestyn chan lean so i chalynat gazie eye-nom-s one Poss3A-nom-s and 1s-O look-3s-PRS anger-ins-s lea serynan mychena so lidan 3sA-O fear-1s-PRS mouse-acc-p and pity-1s-PRS telhien do muza chalan lea nesien murat evening-loc-s but cat-acc-s see-1s-PRS REL seat-loc-s lie-3s-PRS lea do.gyin mychi besh 3sA-O AUG-near mouse-nom-p three rychin a.moch suri banie animal-nom-p dp-four asleep-nom-p peace-loc-s _rychin_ "breathers", meaning the whole animal kingdom including people; people alone are _rastin_ "reasoners". ------------------------------------------------------------ nom - nominative acc - accusative loc - locative ins - instrumental (same form as locative) S - subject case (pronouns) O - object case (pronouns) s - singular p - plural cp - collective plural dp - distributive plural, "all of...", "every" Poss - possessive pronoun REL - relative pronoun 1, 2, 3 - first, second, third person A - common gender NEG - negative prefix AUG - augmentative prefix PRS - present tense PST - past marker FUT - future marker Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself) (English) (Nederlands)