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Re: Elet Anta course + translation

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, July 29, 1999, 0:45
John Fisher <john@...> wrote:
>=20 > I've just put up the fifth section of "Teach Yourself Elet Anta" If > you'd like a look the index to the course is here: >=20 > >=20 > Here's another translation exercise from the course, if anyone wants a > go (sorry that it's rather culture-specific...)
I'd completely forgotten! Here's my translation to Drasel=E9q: San olm=FCr th=E4 prant fombemth. En b=FCrth farth=E4thtots, kuorek. =C4mol m=E8p i murs fombemth an=FCftr=FCr fiepp=FCr imalt=E8n kaslimn nai= l=FCt. Beq nerrid, "I arrgel u=E9rasir. Kanimb=E0n imalek =E1rrgelhadh f=F3mbementh, tel olm=FCr frararsai i huerkur." St=F6m=FCr rel=FCt kladn=20 arrgelthn. T=E0rronaq t=E0qaimungovaq i kl=E1dnarsel, m=FCl det i gep lad= haq. Beq ang=F6n, "T=E0rim=E1l i f=F3mbementh". Rin thanen uer=FCt. An=FCftr=FCr folg=E9tenaq arrgel, qgorroksel r=E9ilotaq b=FCn gep sarn. En b=FCrr rin m=FCen ar=FCt, en fombadh rin rrath taus. Luamot tadh, folget=FCr fn=E1rarsel arrgel i b=FCrr nail=FCt. T=E0navik areq i murs=20 fombemth. Qaimul siraldval areq i rrednel. San olm=FCr th=E4 prant fombemth.=20 my house.LOC exist.3p many mice _th=E4_, of the verb _th=FCas(ten)_, shows existence in a place or given context. _fombem_ 'mouse' is _fom_ (root _fomb-_) 'rat' plus <-em>, a diminutive-despising suffix. En b=FCrth farth=E4thtots, kuorek. about they NEG.please.MV.1s dirty.3p Active voice can't be used here, since 'Mice don't please me' would show an attitude of the mice towards me, which it not the case, so I use middle voice, 'I'm not pleased about mice'. =C4mol m=E8p i murs fombemth ago day * three mice _=E4mol m=E8p_ 'yesterday', _=E4mol m=E8f_ 'some days ago', etc. is the usual way. The particle _i_ marks the mice as the non-affected object of the following finite verb, _nail=FCt_. an=FCftr=FCr fiepp=FCr imalt=E8n kaslimn nail=FCt. kitchen.LOC table.LOC eating bread.ACC see.1sPST _an=FCftr=FCr_ =3D _an=FCf-t-or_ 'cook+ing-place' + <-=FCr> LOC. It may mean 'kitchen' but more like 'oven' and its surroundings. _kaslim_ 'bread' comes from _kasal_ 'wheat' and it means anything made of wheat flour, not only bread. Beq nerrid, "I arrgel u=E9rasir.=20 say.3sPST mother * cat buy.2sFUT Kanimb=E0n imalek =E1rrgelhadh f=F3mbementh, glad.AP eat.3p cats.GRP mice.ACC _kanimb=E0n_ 'being glad, happy, satisfied' The cats are referred to as a group with the group plural mark. tel olm=FCr frararsai i huerkur."=20 then house.LOC NEG.stay.3sFUT * problem _tel_ is the conjunction form of _funtel_ 'then and from that moment on'. _i_ is an indefinite mark. St=F6m=FCr rel=FCt kladn arrgelthn. dock.LOC look_at.1sPST two cats.ACC _st=F6m_ is both 'dock' and 'market', since there's where most of the businesses take place in the big coastal cities. In formal speech some could say _uerbor_ 'buying-place'. T=E0rronaq t=E0qaimungovaq i kl=E1dnarsel,=20 AUG.big.3sPST AUG.resentful.3sPST * second _qaimungo(van)_ is _qaimu-_ 'calm, quiet, silent' plus the suffix <-ungo> indicating 'bad, evil, dirty', thus 'resentful, falsely quiet, with bad feelings repressed inside'. _i_ is nominalizing here. _kladn-arsel_ 'being_two-staying', 'staying as number two', 'second in place'. m=FCl det i gep ladhaq. only one * eye have.3sPST Beq ang=F6n, "T=E0rim=E1l i f=F3mbementh".=20 say.3sPST seller * mice.ACC Instead of 'it eats many mice' I chose this, *'it very eats mice', 'it eats mice a lot'. Rin thanen uer=FCt. with happyness buy.1sPST An=FCftr=FCr folg=E9tenaq arrgel, kitchen.LOC sit.3sPST cat qgorroksel r=E9ilotaq b=FCn gep sarn. angry look_at.MV.3sPST its eye I.ACC An eye doesn't look, its owner does. I use the middle voice=20 to increase its status into a pseudo-volition (see the note about middle voice in my site for details). Na b=FCrr rin m=FCen ar=FCt, towards it with fear be.1sPST en fombadh rin rrath taus. about mice.GRP with sorrow also These two show a very common pattern about feelings and sensations. The verb glossed as 'be' is the same used as 'stay' (more or less like Spanish _estar_). Luamot tadh, folget=FCr fn=E1rarsel arrgel=20 night_time however chair.LOC lying cat i b=FCrr nail=FCt. T=E0navik areq i murs * it see.1sPST AUG.near be.3pPST * three fombemth. Qaimul siraldval areq i rrednel. mice quiet PRF.sleeping be.3pPST * four _si(r)-aldval_ means 'having gotten asleep'; _aldvan_ means 'get asleep', so the perfective marker is needed here. --Pablo Flores