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The Shuyghut Language -- A Formal Introduction.

From:Ben Poplawski <thebassplayer@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 10, 2004, 5:29
Hah. Not that formal. Just announcing I have a directory set up for my new

First featured here:

Hosted here:

That's /Suj.'Gut/. I'm sorry if the name looks utterly gross. It *sounds*
cool, and that's good enough for me. I wanted something more of |shay-|
/Saj-/ because it sounds cooler, but it's stem vowel didn't match with its
function (for more info on that, read the CONLANG post linked up there).

Especially check on the large verb paradigm charts I have set up (click

And maybe you guys are shy. Maybe you have lots of work to do and don't have
the time. Or maybe I'm too used to David Peterson giving me what-for. But I
haven't got a lot of suggestions for stuff I've posted so far. So, tell me
what you think! Tell me if I need more irregularity in conjugation and how
to do it, that I'm violating a basic linguistic principle or that I came up
with something new and interesting--just tell me! I've gotten more responses
arguing about browsers than about showing some of my conlang ideas.

A wonderful day to you all,



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