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Re: Con-other

From:Carl Banks <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, May 30, 2008, 6:24
Mark J. Reed wrote:
> The subject of con-currencies came up on the other thread, and made me > wonder what other concultural artifacts people have created? > Orthographies (that might not yet have an associated language), > calendars, currencies, games (board and sport); vehicles, weapons; > religions....
I invented a whole (more or less serious) backstory for a video game I'm writing. It occurs on a fictional continent west of Europe (but close enough to have commerce with it) in the year 1234. The language I invented for it will only show up in small parts (most is rendered in English), but the culture shows up a lot. Then again the culture is largely centered around the types of activities that happen in video games. So there is currency of course (frequent-flyer miles), games (shooting galleries, races, puzzles that magically open doors when completed, etc.), vehicles (beasts of burden which handle a lot like today's mechanical vehicles), religions (two countries bickering over how to worship a geometric artifact, which is what incites this whole mess). Of course, I have many aspects of the country and culture planned: landscapes, climate, politics, monsters, food, corporations, etc. Needless to say, there is some unique architecture. The world even has it's own afterlife (or, probably more accurately, it's own interlife). Calendar and orthography are familiar. In fact, orthography was largely determined by which characters would appear in certain fonts nearly 800 years in the future. Carl Banks