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Re: Con-other

From:Ph. D. <phil@...>
Date:Thursday, May 29, 2008, 23:35
Mark J. Reed wrote:
> > The subject of con-currencies came up on the > other thread, and made me wonder what other > concultural artifacts people have created?
When I was about twelve, I set up the micronation of the Uteg Republic. Over the next few years, I designed several flags (I kept changing them when I discovered that my lastest design was very close to the flag of a real nation.) which I sewed together (3'x5') and flew from a makeshift flagpole in my parents' yard. The neighbors must have thought we were nuts. I also designed several series of paper currency which I carefully drew out by hand (the unit was the favler). I even made a few coins by melting down some old plumbing lead and pressing zodiac wax seals into small molten lumps. Now that I'm fifty-three, I still have the micronation. I still fly the flag in my backyard in good weather. (It's fairly well hidden from public view, so no one has asked me about it.) I have quite a collection of letterpress printing equipment, and I've printed up a series of postage stamps for the Uteg Republic (using Esperanto since I'm still not finished designing the Uteg language). I used gummed paper and an old machine for making pinhole perforations. Someday I'll print up currency, but I haven't yet come up with a design I like. --Ph. D.