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'Women's Only' Language Found Among Chinese

From:Amanda Babcock <langs@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 1999, 22:21
Has anyone heard of Nu Shu?  According to this news article:

it was a secret women's language in the hill villages of southern China.

It is said to be ancient, and it has its own script!  "Although men
supposed the peasant women to be illiterate, they had developed a living
phonetic script of some 700 recognizable characters."

Explained Yang Yueqing, a filmmaker who found it and whose documentary had
its premiere at the Vancouver film festival this month: "The writing of Nu
Shu is very different from Chinese writing. Chinese characters are made
from straight lines or strokes and are always square in shape. But Nu Shu
is written with curves and tilted lines. It is also extremely graphic
because it was woven into cloth and embroidered as patterns."

If this is for real, I cannot WAIT to see this.  If anybody sees a book on
this, please post to the list!