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Some bits from my conlang....

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 1999, 23:29
Those of you on conculture have probably already read this, but I thought
i'd share here on this list.


I have recently been working out two calendar systems for my Saalangals. =
sacred, and a daily use calendar. I figured out the date for today (Nov.
29th 1999) in the daily calendar:=20

November 29, 1999 =3D H=E1long kal=EDl nu k=E1maw pa d=FAweng ub=E1'ng se=
l=FAn pa d=FAweng
 =E1nging kot pa empang pali'n d=E1ong s=FAan kun inmas=E1la'n h=E1long  =

All that means: 8th water goddess day of  (the) 2nd air god week of (the)
2nd fire god month of (the) 4,368th year. (calculated from this years
autumnal equinox, which is the Saalangal New Year). Usually, Saalangal
just say what day, and number it is (they'd say "H=E1long kal=EDl", or 8t=
Water Goddess, for today's date)

I picked today as the mid cycle date. We are in the very middle of the
Great Cycle, and  the gods are middle aged right now.


-"ng" is a linker (nu is the alternate version when the word to be linked
ends in a consonant other than n)

- The gods and goddesses are: Kal=EDl, goddess of the waters, Ub=E1' is t=
god of air, and winds, =C1ngi is the god of fire (from the Hindu god of
fire, Agni).

- K=E1maw means day/sun (and is also god of day/sun), Sel=FAn means week,=
means month, Gol=E9m means year.

- The Great Cycle lasts for 8,736 solar years (The life span of the gods)