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CHAT: French breakfast

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 10, 2001, 19:37
Christophe wrote:

> En réponse à Robert Hailman <robert@...>: > > > > > No eggs at breakfast? How do you live?!?!? > > French people eat usually only sweet at breakfast (when they take any > breakfast). So it's a lot of bread with butter, jam, also croissants,
pains au
> chocolat, etc... The egg at breakfast is very exceptional but exists. Then
> generally a soft-boiled egg. French people have quite an original way to
> eggs :) .
My breakfast generally consists of a bol of black coffee (I joke not, I'm incredibly surly without it), a croissant and a cigarette. It's cultural, that- most Brits have cereal. My nan was a bretonne though.
> Well, at least you've seen > > the error in your ways. ;-) > > > > Only because I like salty better than sweet. So at my breakfasts I mix > everything (not at the same time of course). I even eat camembert at
> :) .
Well, you are a Normand. I suppose you can't help it ;o).
> > No cheese, either? I thought the French all eat cheese all the time. > > There goes one stereotype. > > > > Very true. But you can replace it by the fact that French people eat a lot
> bread. So much that in most restaurants bread is free, as well as water.
Same in the UK, except for Italian restaurants where you don't get decent unsalted bread but those horrible little grissini things. Dan ----------------------------------------------- Ka yokonáu iti báyan: "cas'alyá abhiyo". Ka tso iti mantabayan: "yama zaláyá alánekayam la s'alika, cas'alika; ka yama yavarryekayan arannáam la vácika, labekayam vácika, ka ali cas'alyeko vanotira." ----------------------------------------------- Dan Jones


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