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Re: Latin mxedruli, or do we really need capital and small letters?

From:Danny Wier <dawiertx@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 14:10
From: "Benct Philip Jonsson" <bpj@...>

> At 13:47 5/30/2004, Christophe Grandsire wrote: > >I wonder which is more Maggellic, English or Tibetan... Irish Gaelic is
out: too phonemic an orthography ;) .
> > English, no doubt. You can practically always figure out > the pronunciation from a Tibetan spelling. You can't > figure out the spelling from the pronunciation however, > which is the source of most misspellings.
Irish Gaelic is slightly Maggelic, but Scots Gaelic is even more, since Irish had its orthography reformed in the mid-20th century. French has a low level of Maggelity, and modern Tamil also has a bit. Some of the Arabic dialects could be considered Maggelic, since the Standard language tends written while the local vernacular is spoken.