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Word of the day: "box"

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 2:10
Well, a box is basically a package with rectangular sides. But there's
also the unrelated words meaning a kind of tree (genus Buxus) and to
fight by hitting with boxing gloves. Then from the basic idea of a
rectangular container (made of box wood?) there are a number of extended
meanings, such as a post office box or a check box. Computer units are
called "boxes" because of their shape.

Clearly, it'd be nice to have a word specifically for the shape of a
box, a "cuboid" (see or
"rectangular prism". This is "kêt" ["ket] in Lindiga.

A box-shaped container, carton, or package is a "rtlepa" ["K`Epa]; the
verb meaning "pack into a rectangular container" is "rtlepalich"
["K`EpaLiC]. ("-l" is a general purpose derivational suffix meaning "put
into", as in "vlokalich" meaning "to bottle" or "kumsalich" meaning "to
bury in a grave").

A check box is just a square: "söryk" ["s8ru\k].

A box tree is "pelen" ["pEl@n].

To fight (as in a boxing match) is "jeutich" ["j3u\tSiC]. This could be
a more general term for hand to hand combat; I haven't thought much
about sports or martial arts related words in Lindiga.


Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>