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Regarding Ygyde

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Saturday, January 25, 2003, 2:40
(This is the bilingual text of the Ygyde message I posted earlier, cf. my
last posting on Ygyde, sent moments ago.)

--- Ygyde ---
Ila uzipy y edeja osoji iko ykidu:  Ygyde apinolu iby?

Ilu igo uzoce idi a ilu otupo ososode, ije eba ilu eba izaji owi onolu.  Ica
e ilu itu ebu ebe ucofulu ososode y, ilu ufesilu igo ufaza idi a ofa ysy a
opyso a otyge.  Ini ida Ygyde ija upici ili ibo?  Ojy olelu ila ujema ida a
ilu osocilu ili agy igocilu afu o odesy.

Ije ige ilu, ila ujema o ysi.  Olo odi, agosylu inomalu ilu iju iju eba igo
ugynolu idi ypy icylu agytulu odesy.  O omamelusy a Ygyde ija agosylu igu
ofa o ypy itu otyge.  Inu ogodete u akasy anodi.

Ije ilu iki o ila ymuci.  Ili usinolu ymuci a agifo ypy.  Ica e o ypy any
uwolu utumume ilu, ima e ini ili ykekilu e any aka akaku y y y ilu epa ebe
ucofulu ili a ilu o otupo eba utumume ilu unozymo.

Ini o otupo a ilu yde umulu ibo?

Joe Fatula

--- English ---
I come to the conlang list with a question:  Is Ygyde plausible?

It is proposed by its creator to be an auxlang, but so far it has had little
success.  If it is ever to become an auxlang, it must be accepted by a
substantial portion of the world's population.  What about Ygyde would
promote that?  The only thing I see in its favor is that it's easy to make
up new words.

But against it, I see several factors.  First, it is hard to figure out what
exactly was meant by someone using a particular word.  The sounds of Ygyde
would be very difficult for most people in the world.  And the grammar is
poorly defined.

But this is only my opinion.  What matters is the opinion of the common man.
If people are not willing to learn it, for whatever reason - no matter how
petty -it will never become what its creators intended it to be.

What do the makers of this language think?

Joe Fatula