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Re: Seasons greetings

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Monday, December 27, 1999, 15:22
abrigon wrote:

> Hawaiian - Mele Kalikimaka
Ea-diwe don't celebrate Christmas. They celebrate the Winter Solstice as "ea-benereta", lit. "The Sun-birth". Traditional greetings for benereta are: ma rewa ea-benereta! (Enjoy The Sunbirth!) and ma nege ia benereta! (Be happy at Sunbirth time!) A more general greeting for any native holiday is "ma rewa ea-tari", "enjoy the holiday". Now, since ea-luna also has a second purpose as my personal language, there is actually a way to say "Merry Christmas". It is "merikaritimatu", in the mele kalikimaka-style. This is pure gibberish in ea-luna... Since ea-luna is full of compound words that LOOK something like that, I thought I'd break this down a few different ways to see how a native speaker, upon first encountering this out of context, might interpret it: meri- noise both ka and kari have no assigned meaning at this time. riti- animal matu - previous, prior tima is unassigned tu- navel I can't think of the last time I ever used the word "merry" outside of "Merry Christmas" or as the root of "merriment"... -- Mia Soderquist ( ide bani ea-leli ene ua legi la, ua ide leri la dade lia ea-ewiugutewi. dike ida nuku ua kede. (ma rage ea-luna!)