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Passive and active....

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, December 27, 1999, 7:20
In Saalangal, the actor and object focuses act like the active and passive

As the passive calls attention to the reciever of the action, the object
focus is similar to the passive voice. The object focus is used to call
attention to the object or receiver of the action.

 As the active calls attention to the performer of the action, the actor
focus is similar. The actor focus is used to call attention to the
performer of the action.

The object focus is seen as the polite form, and is used whent alking
about what others do (unless of course, if what another does, does not
include an object, then the actor focus is used).


- Sarakarísan ésan as kagkarís. - I ate the food.
- Sarakarísin ésan yu kagkarís. - The food was eaten by me.

So, how do all of your languages handle active and passive voice, if at

Barry Garcia.
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