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Re: my conlang

From:Cristina Escalante <cristina@...>
Date:Sunday, October 3, 2004, 4:29
>>a, o, w, i, e are vocals
>Is /l/ vocalic in words like _troglslso_?
I'd say /l/ isn't, in pronouncing that word I'd accent the first syllable, and pronounce "ls" as one tongue movement/consonant. Sorry for lack of phonetics!! I'll get that documented within the week at most.
>>Mixing Genders is possible, but extremely unusual, in oddball compound >>words.
>An example?
Chimeras and algae keep on popping into mind--though they might fit into the "unknown gender" gender, they are not accidents and algae is quite common( where these imaginary people live). Similarly, in English, what do you call a hermaphrodite? By xis mental gender? Physical gender? I imagined the Lakmaye scientists studying some microorganism they once imagined to be a certain gender, but is in fact another gender, and how this would affect their terminology. Apologies for the lack of clarity, I am quite tired. --Cristina Scanned by WinProxy