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Weekly Vocab. 18

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 20, 2003, 4:59
1. right (inalienable etc.) maña
"We hate Rights as much as we hate Wrongs", said Gregory.
"miterik e mañaç kuwa-kuwani miterik e traleleñ" kotani krekori

2. to bless karona
ne ikarona nila re icundrini
him/dat they-bless those REL at-around-him.
(icundri properly ricundri, but the /r/ deletes because of preceding
/r/; -cundri is related to the word for 'circle')

3. anarchist oh dear.  Anarchy: trametrita lit. un-government. Anarchist
(colloq.) ketrameci. It's not a likely Kash concept
They were anarchists, you see.
nila ketramecila, kiyati
they anarchist-pl  y'know
More formal:  kandusokila trametrita 'followers/adherents (of) anarchy'

4. to reach (for)  çaçuña (old compd. try-grasp)
They reach for the stars in order to pull them down
içaçuña añoloç vara niç trayi rivaha
they-r.f. star-pl. in-order them pull to-downwards

5. freedom ambefa
Anarchy is about complete freedom rather than even a modicum of sanity.
e trametrita, tacañi, ambefa yuno-yuno, mowa-mowani piciknipi ambila
A., mean-its, freedom all-all, but-but-of it little-of-it-barely thought.
Not a satisfactory translation....

6. law omer; as a general concept, e omer
To them, law is by nature evil.
lusongini, e omer traleleñ ri makeri
according-them, evil LOC nature/essence/gen.

7. language  sende
I wonder what they would think of the rules governing language.
me manuwak, kañale pilani liri ombreteçni sende
me I-ask, what's-it-like, thought-their concerning rule-pl-of-it language

8. burn (n.) añanji < yanji 'to burn, char, sear'
I have a burn on my finger.
yale añanji ri andilusmi
there-is burn LOC fnger-my

9. to hurt ahar
It hurts horribly
niniya me cakahar
very-very me/dat overcome-by-pain

10. cheerful  minda
Despite the anarchists and the pain, I am cheerful
ketramecila i añahar takandani, minda mam
anarchist-pl and pain notwithstanding, happy I