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Consonant clusters (was Citation forms of words,

From:Talpas Tim <tim@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 16:36
# The most extreme example in Georgian I've ever come across is "gwprckwnis"
# ((s)he peels us).
# > (Somehow, the more extreme examples in English phonology -- "two
# > sixths [t_hu: sIksTs]" -- never seem to come up in these discussions.)
# Indeed. The same word you cite is the one I try avoiding in English :-)
# In Russian, the longest consonant cluster I'm aware of consists of five
# consonants in a row: kontrprimer (counterexample).

In Slovak, there is a compound word: stvrtvrstva [StvrcvrstvA] "quarter layer",
even though the r's are syllabic, it's still pretty clunky. Acording to
my professor, it's also possible to say 'v stvrtvrstve' [fStvrcvrstvE] for
'in a quarter layer', though more likely you'd hear 'vo stvrtvrstve'