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The English Beast

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 14:27
dreamertwo@HOTMAIL.COM writes: "LMAO... I can think of worst fates ;)
Polysynthetic languages with major tonnage of tenses and inflexions and
complicated by really odd (to me) consonant clusters and fricatives that
seem to be created by peoples with larger reptilian brains than primate ones
scare me witless ::shudders:: How can I even begin to get a rough working
idea of those languages??? My poor lil monkey-brains just go spinning while
my lil ol' beady eyes go pinball spastic & I suddenly sweat... sorta like a
panic anxiety reaction (seriously). It's like: "Ya gotta be kiddin'... THAT
is a LANGUAGE?" ::dead faint::"

Like if the Tlingit or Bella Coola ever take over the world, I'm taking a
vow of silence.

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