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Typologic survey, part I

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Saturday, January 27, 2001, 19:20
Once again, the local institute of linguistics will *not* hold classes
in typology this year :( Therefore, I'm doing my own typologic research,
by bringing the "World Atlas of Language Structures"[1] to the
conlanging world. The many geographical questions from that one aren't
particularly interesting here, since so many conlangs aren't used on
this earth, or by earthers, or in our time etc. etc., but there's still
a *lot* of questions, so I'm splitting it up into easily answerable

Reply directly to the list or just to me as you see fit. Replies to the
list might spawn interesting discussions, so replies to replies should
always change the subject so it is possible to separate the survey from
the musings. If you can't answer a question due to lack of data or the
language being too unstable, answer with "unknown", and then you can
come back to it later.

[1] See

Snip away the above in your answers, please.

---- PART I Conlang Typlogic Survey 2001 ----

House-keeping data

Name of the participating conlang:
Name/id of the creators:
Name/id of the submitter, if different from the creator:
Place used, if any:
Web-address with more information, if any:
Type of language as per Rick Harrison's system[2]:

1: Word order of Subject (S), Object (O) and Verb (V)

The possible orders are: SVO/SOV/VSO/VOS/OSV/OVS/free/doesn't apply
Which order(s) is/are most common?
Which orders are possible?
Is the order different if the verb is intransitive, if so, how?
If it doesn't apply, why?

---- END part I ----
[2] btw, has anyone a better/different classification scheme?