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From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 18, 2002, 8:55 writes:
>Does anyone have a system in their conculture/s for the criteria needed to >distinguish a minor city from a capital city, and a capital city from an >economically vital one?
In Montrei, there is no strict formal designation, but in general (population wise): - Audea - village: less than 5,000 people. - Poulo - small town: 5,000 - 15,000 people - Poulaçón - town: 15,000 - 50,000 people - Çiuá - city: 50,000 people and up Capitals are not necessarily the largest city in the Nation/province, nor the most economically important. As to the National capital, Montrei is rather small (pop. 60,000), but San Françisco has a bigger population, and is much more economically important (it's a major port while Montrei is not). Montrei is simply the national capital due to historical reasons (there was a move early on in the nation's history to move the national capital to San Françisco due to it having more economic and population "weight"). __________________________ Say you were split, you were split in fragments and not all the pieces would talk to you Wouldn't you want to be who you had been? Well baby, i want that too...