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Taxonomy of supernatural beings

From:Pavel Adamek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 18, 2002, 9:47
> an atheist may perfectly well believe > in the existence of, say, jinns.
Do you consider the old Greek mythology to be atheistic, because there is no almighty God with capital "G" there? Let us not to confuse Gods with gods: 1) almighty God(s), usually only one. He is refered to as Eru, Iluvatar, Krishna, JHWH, al-Lah. 2) Ainur, gods, jinns The jinns can be sorted "politically" and/or "socially". The "political parties" of jins are: 2.i) devils 2.ii) angels They are also known as deiwas and asuras, but in India deva = angel, asura = devil; while in Iran daeva = devil, ahura = angel. Essentially, devils = "oposition", angels = "ruling party". The "social classes" of jinns are: 2.a) Valar, archangels 2.b) Maiar, plain angels P.A.