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Re: More Þrjótran

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Thursday, April 20, 2006, 12:14
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>From: Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...> >Henrik Theiling skrev: >>>>And here's the tgz file: >> The main >> stuff in the archive is a Perl module and the main Perl script, both >> of which should be usable with Windows Perl installation, too. I >> don't know about standard paths, etc., but there should be a standard, >> system Perl library directory where the module have to go. > >OK.
My mind has gone blank, but the Perl Module Doofer that comes with Activestate Perl is capable of installing from a local folder as well as from CPAN. It ought not be a nightmare.
>> Maybe the slash conventions for directories are bad, but I think modern >> Windows can handle /, too. > >I should think so. There is some stuff about these things >in the Windows/Perl documentation. Not that I understand >it all that well...
I think you're right.
>> It should be portable, but I cannot test it. > >I would be very thankful if *someone* with the know-how >and the means would be willing to do the work...
I have some Perl experience, and access to Windows, Cygwin and Linux. I also have an .sch file in the making. I'll gladly test portability on those platforms, and make suggestions where I can. I can readily have access to FreeBSD and Solaris x86, if needed, and plausibly OS X x86 if there's a desperate need for it. I suspect it would be covered by and FreeBSD issues, but you never know. "Real" OS X is outside my direct scope, but I have access to a reasonably savvy (though non-linguist) Mac user in a pinch. If there's total and utter need for it, I can test on Solaris Sparc, and IBM AIX, as long as I can do so without it interfering with my work. I might be able to gain access to an HP-UX system, and maybe a zLinux VM if I can sweet-talk the right guy. I'll also gladly help in documenting the .sch format, if such help is desired. Paul