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Maltese Phonology

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Monday, March 24, 2003, 9:35
Would anyone on the list be able to provide me with or point me
towards a description of Maltese phonology?  Our usually phenomenal
library has nothing on Maltese (but does have some great books on
Maghrebi Arabic).

For a while now I've been collecting resources for a "Creole Arabic"
conlang inspired by some African Creole Arabic languages, Kormatiki
Arabic Mixed Language, Maltese and, of course, Arabic influence in
languages such as Persian.  No conculture or explanation as to why
my language should exist except that I think it would be cool.  All
I know about phonology is that I want it to sound like Maltese but
have no clue where to start?  Little help?  (And yes, I am working
on several projects at once :p - mainly because when I actually get
free time I'm so excited about it that I can't decide what to work

Robert Eamon Graham    

Anugraha banana shundarata dengan bisri bastu-bastu.

                                -- U2, "Grace"


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