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For translation: A story about strawberries

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Thursday, February 18, 1999, 3:48

Someone over on the ENFP (my MBTI type) list posted this and I thought
it might make a fun (if sorta long) translation exercise.  Anyone want
to have a go at it??

>The Origin Of The Strawberry > As told by Rogers Clinch/Western Band Cherokee > > Back when there was just one man and one woman on earth, >they began to > argue, and the woman kept getting angrier and angrier and >turned and > walked away from her husband. For a time he tried calling >her back, >but > she just totally ignored him and wouldn't look to the left >or the right > >or up or down, just looked straight ahead and kept walking. > > They had done this for three days, and the man was >following after her >and getting very discouraged and his head was hanging >down. And the >woman in > her anger still just kept walking as hard and as fast as >she could. On > > the evening of the third day she was out on the horizon, >and each of >them > camped where they were. > > Then on the fourth day, as the sun came up, the woman began >her journey > > and was disappearing from sight when the one that we called >Goodmind >came > down and spoke to the first man and asked him, "Does this >woman walk in > > your soul?" In other words, did he love her; we don't have >that word. >He > said, "Oh yes, I wish that I could walk in her soul as she >walks in >mine." > > And Goodmind asked him, "Well, if she comes back to you, do >you care >for > her so much that you'll never argue with her so hard that >she'll run >away > from you like this again?" And the first man promised, "Oh >yes." > > So Goodmind went ahead of the woman and began to plant >all of the >berry > bushes that we know today but that up until then hadn't >existed. Still > > she just ignored them and walked straight on. He began to >plant along >the > path all the trees that bear fruit, like the cherry tree, >the >persimmon, > the plum, and many others. Still she ignored them and >wouldn't look to > > the left or right or up or down, just straight ahead and >kept walking. > > So, finally, he went ahead of her and planted a big patch >of >strawberries > in all stages of development. And as she walked along, in >her anger, >she > began to step on these ripe strawberries and a good smell >came up to >her > nostrils. She stopped and looked down, and she saw those >beautiful red > > berries, the green leaves, and the white flowers, and she >remembered >that > she hadn't eaten for three days. She was hungry, so she >knelt down and > > she began to taste these berries, and she found that they >were both >bitter and sweet -- like life. She ate a few more. > > She looked over her shoulder, and way in the distance she >could see her > > husband coming. She ate a few more and a longing began to >grow in her > heart to be with him. So she gathered up a handful of the >berries and > stood up and began to walk in his direction. And every >once in a while > > she would take one of those berries and eat it as she >walked along, and > > each time she did this she would go a little faster until >finally she >was > running as hard and as fast as she could run. > > Her husband in the distance saw her coming and ran to meet >her. As >they > stood face to face, and the woman looked in her hand and >she only had >one > berry left. This she put in her husband's mouth. So it's >because of >the > strawberry that all of us are in the world today. > > Strawberries are a reminder today, that we are suppose to >love one > another. If you look at a strawberry, you notice that the >seeds are on > > the outside, and that's the way our love is suppose to be. >So many >people, they say they love someone, but they'll never show >it. We're >suppose >to show our love. > > Even today, in a traditional Cherokee home, you'll find >that the woman > keeps a jar of fresh strawberries packed in honey. And if >she ever has > >an argument with her husband, she won't keep it going. >She'll go to >her > kitchen and take down that jar of strawberries and begin to >eat them >while she cools down. And when she's calm enough, then >she'll get up >and >she'll take one of those berries to her husband and put it >in his mouth >and > remind him of the promise that first man made to Goodmind >in the > beginning.
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