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Re: For translation: A story about strawberries

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, February 19, 1999, 14:23
Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...> wrote:

> Conlangers, > > Someone over on the ENFP (my MBTI type) list posted this and I thought > it might make a fun (if sorta long) translation exercise. Anyone want > to have a go at it?? > > >The Origin Of The Strawberry > > As told by Rogers Clinch/Western Band Cherokee
[snip] It's a very moving story. I've heard great stories about the origin of, say, the rain, the thunder, the bear, but never about the poor simple strawberries. I'm beginning to translate it into Drasele'q but it's gonna take a while. And I have to think of a nice word for "strawberry"! --Pablo Flores