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Consistency in naming (was Re: creating words (was Re: "Language Creation" in your conlang))

From:Isidora Zamora <isidora@...>
Date:Friday, November 14, 2003, 18:36
Andreas Johansson wrote:
>I can still, BTW, not decide whether I ought to refer to these with their >native terms (like above), or with the Tairezazh terms; Steianzh, Telenzh and >Tsárizh. I guess the former makes the more sense, but I tend to think of them >under the Tairezazh names, for the perfectly bad reason that I invented them >first, and figured out the native terms only later. Perhaps I should simply >anglicize; Steienean, Telenian and Searikhan? Then I, for consistency's sake, >ought to speak of Tairezazh as Tairezan too.
You've probably noticed that I have some problems with this, too. I seem to call the Tovláugad by their Trehelish name, Cwendaso, as often as not. The original reason for this was that the Trehelish were my first conculture, and everything was more or less from their point of view. Until recently, I didn't even know what the Cwendaso called themselves. Now that I know that they call themselves Tovláugad, I still use Cwendaso a lot, for a couple of reasons. One of them is simply force of habit. Another is that it is much easier to type, since Trehelish doesn't have any accented characters, and Cwendaso will have an accented character in any word of two or more syllables. Yet another reason is grammatical; the Trehelish word "Cwendaso" can refer to one person, many people, the people as a whole, or the language. If I'm using the native word, one of them is a Tovláug, I don't have the plural ending, a whole lot of them or the people as a whole is Tovláugad, and the language is Índumom Tovlaugadóis. "Cwendaso" is much more all-purpose. The Nidirino get called Nidirino, because I haven't the foggiest notion what they call themselves. They are the least developed of my three main concultures. Now the dumb thing is that I always say Trehelish, instead of the native Trehelo, which could refer to (probably) one person, many people, the people as a whole, or their language. It would be a nice shorthand to use the native term, but I am just not in the habit of doing it. I do often say "a Trehel" instead of "a Trehelish person," but I also give that in an English plural, "Trehels," which is completely incorrect and ought to be "Trehelin" in the plural (unless this word is of the other gender and takes a different plural ending.) Trehel, by the way, means "emmigrant." I am also on debatable turf calling a single one a "Trehel." It is quite possible that the only acceptable native for is "Trehelo." So I'm not a great one for consistency. Isidora


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