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Re: affixes

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Date:Saturday, February 19, 2005, 23:03
Mark J. Reed wrote:

>I don't know Fith, so I'll create an example with English words and just >put them together postfix style. Prefix notation is sometimes called >"Polish notation" because a Polish mathematican first proposed it, and >postfix notation is therefore called "Reverse Polish Notation", or "RPN" >for short. So let's call this syntax variation "RPNglish."
OK I'll try to reformulate your explaination just to know if I understood In your mathematical example with mathematic operators, each of them where to link 2 of them but in a language they operate on different number of operable arguments (nouns/pronouns) there are some that go only on one to give a precision about the meaning Those are probably all the kinds of adjectives: descriptive, numeral, possessive, demonstrative, indefinite. They may describe the noun, modify it, define it, or tell other precisions such to whom it belongs Articles would also work that way to tell the definiteness of the noun Case marks would act that way with a single noun And the intransitive verbs also because they only affect one noun Other operators will simply link two arguments in different ways like conjonctions and other in more sophisticated ways like transitive verbs. It is needed to know in wich sense these operators act or to include it in the operator itself to know, for example, wich is the subject, but the simplest ones don't need that (like the words "and" and "or" because the order don't change the meaning) Some operators link 3 arguments like ditransitive verbs On verbal operators, I don't know how would be indicated the TAM, would they be forced to be affixed on the verb or should there have a third level of operators to affect the other operators? There's probably a way to pass over it without create 3rd and 4th levels.. Did I understood?? - Max


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