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Pidgins and Creoles

From:John Leland <leland@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 24, 2003, 18:06
There are some underdeveloped languages in the same conworld as Rihana-ye
in which all the currently existing texts are subject to heavy Rihana-ye
influence, though the languages were intended to be quite independent.
Hos Jir Yob is supposed to be an isolating language with svo word order,
but the written examples are mostly Rihana-ye bilinguals, and tend to
follow Rihana-ye (sov) word order etc. ; a fair amount of vocabulary is
also influenced by Rihana-ye. I have therefore decided that the currently
existing documents represent a trade pidgin form of the language, and I hope
to create a more "classical" Hos Jir Yob more independent of Rihana-ye.
Similarly, the language the Rihana-ye people call Pihana-ye (Hotlandish)
(native name, I believe Ku Shy--I have not worked with it lately) had
only the beginning of one narrative composed in it before I invented Rihana-ye
and that became dominant. I decided that Pihana had been conquered by
Rihana and the later Pihana-ye texts (largely translations from Rihana-ye)
represented various forms of cultural influence from Rihana-ye on
PIhana-ye, and resistence from Pihana-ye to Rihana-ye.  There are
bilingual chronicles of a major revolt of the native Pihana-ye peasants
against their Rihana-ye overlords, for instance.  Some day the two
languages may blend into a creole, but if so I expect it will be far in
the future.
John Leland