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Re: CHAT: Anyone see the irony?

From:Keenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 5:14
Diana Slattery wrote:
> > Well, here's words from another lurker (and proud of it) grinning to herself > wondering whether to throw down the challenge to have the eldest conlangers > identify themselves. >
Duke Keenan is a 41 year old Cook who keeps his mouth shut about linguistics because he has learned that he doesn't know anything.
> And--re: the peevishness--it's like any social group--family, club, > legislature, world population--we're all intending to make nice with each > other, but, well, backs get up and human cantankerousness takes over. > (Aside: how many conlangers have in their vocabularies a word for > cantankerousness? If you post them, I'll make a limerick out of them, which > will be put to music and sung when things get hot. >
Sure! I'll start by giving you the Ok word for it: Auxk
> Actually, I'm not just here to lurk, but learn and bide time until my > conlang is ready (sort of) for prime time with its web made public around > mid-December.
[Toungue in cheek mode -ON-] <G> Bide all the time you like. Soon, Ok will conquer -ALL-!!! <G> [Toungue in cheek mode -OFF_
> > And I am personally delighted that the teenagers are coming out of the > closet--I've been visiting every site--if you haven't been to Adam Parrish's > domain, know that he is a maker of games--something I've been thinking is > very much in the heart of the spirit, impulse, and obsession of conlanging. > > Diana