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Re: Weekly_Vocab_1.1_&_1.2_-_Morgenón

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Friday, December 13, 2002, 22:50
I don't have a grammar anywhere online, but I can give you some of the

Morgenón is basically an agglutinative language, though it is written with a
logographic script.  Here's an example sentence, put through the changes I'd
use to translate it:

The man drove his horses into the field.
Man drove his horses into field.
man drive.past horse.plural.his
folín tarfá mor.ü
Folín blarum tarfánaron morünin.
/folIn bla4um tarf{nar8n morynin/

(The "o" in the third word has a double acute accent over it.)

Questions are always welcome.

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