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Re: Shemspreg at FrathWiki

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, March 15, 2007, 18:33
On 15.3.2007 Dirk Elzinga wrote:
 > > * You might want to change
 > >
 > >    *Introduction to [[Shemspreg]]
 > >
 > > into
 > >
 > >    *[[Introduction to Shemspreg|Shemspreg]]
 > >
 > > so that the rendered line looks more like the other
 > > lines of the index.
 > Thanks. Being new to wikis, I wasn't sure how to do this.

I made a typo there. It should be

      *[[Shemspreg|Introduction to Shemspreg]]

I do that error all too often...

 > I'm not a big fan of making gridlines visible; it makes
 > charts and tables too busy. I prefer to let the
 > chart/table data partition itself

I do too, in printed matter. On screen I find a very thin,
light grey gridline helpful.

 > (though I wouldn't mind widening the table cells a bit;
 > they are rather crowded as it is right now).

Just write

     {| border=0 cellpadding=5

where 5 of course can be replaced with any number of pixels
you prefer. If you mail me offline (just put OFFLIST in the
subject header, please!) what you want your tables to look
like I can make a style class for you. The beauty of style
classes is that you can make changes in one place only and
have them apply everywhere where you have used the class.

Unfortunately Firefox makes a sad black outer border on
tables without a style specification, so a "noborders" style
class might actually be a good idea, or even make tables
borderless but with more padding than Firefox' default in
the "common.css". Perhaps I should talk to Muke about that.

 > Is this a problem? You mentioned your own vision problems,
 > and while I don't know that I should change everything
 > around to accomodate a single individual's needs or
 > preferences,

Of course not. I just meant that my needs influence my
preferences, which in turn influence the styles I've created
for use in my own pages on the wiki. As I said I actually
prefer whitespace to visible lines, but it doesn't work very
well for me onscreen. I've tried to get the best of both
worlds by making the gridlines very light (see e.g.
<>) but I can of
course make them lighter still, but the background gray of
the header cells must of course need to be lighter than the
color of the grid lines and still visible. I don't really
want to make it colored -- that's too busy for me!

I can of course accomodate my own vision problems by
applying styles to all table elements via my user
style sheet, which won't affect how others see them in
their browsers.
/BP 8^)>

Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch at melroch dot se


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