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Part-of-Speech Analysis Problem

From:Joseph Fatula <joefatula@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 11:28
This is going to sound really dumb.  I have a conlang I'm working on,
and I understand how the grammar works (I think), but I'm having
problems figuring out which parts of speech various words are.  Here are
some really simple sentences in this conlang.*

- Com Jan alma ave.  "John eats an apple."
- Com Jan almar avest.  "John ate some apples."
- Com Jan alma navest.  "John didn't eat an apple."

- Ved sagin zeyelum cad.  "The hunter sees the deer."
- Ved sagin zeyel cad.  "The hunter and the deer see each other."

- Com zeyel alma ave.  "The deer eats an apple."
- Com saginir almar ave.  "The hunters eat some apples."
- Com sagin zeyelum cad.  "The hunter eats the deer."
- Com sagin zeyelum necad.  "The hunter doesn't eat the deer."

- Sagin Jan zeyelum cad.  "John hunts the deer."
- Ved Jan sagin ave.  "John sees the prey."
- Ved Janum saginus ave.  "The prey sees John."
- Ved Jan saginum cad.  "John sees the hunter."

- Ved com hat.  "The eater sees the food."
- Ved sagin hat.  "The hunter sees the prey."
- Com bay.  "The eater eats the food."
- Sagin bay.  "The hunter hunts the prey."
- Sagin nebayest.  "The hunter didn't hunt the prey."

Any ideas?

* Technically, it's a relexification of the conlang, as I didn't want
the complicated sound changes to get in the way, since they're not
important to the problem at hand.


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