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Re: Preliminary Teach Yourself.

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Sunday, August 12, 2001, 19:58
Andrew Ffereir yscrifef:

>The Tinners Senate is mentioned twice in the Introduction, but what its >actual role is is no where specified. You may want to insert a >subclause after the first time you mention it so that the casual reader >knows what you are talking about.
Ah, the Senate is explored somewhat in the Timeline and the Province of Dunein pages. Eventually, this TY project (or alternatively, a Phrasebook project - don't know which yet) will be linked to from the Dunein page. The Senate is the Legislative arm of provincial governance (while the 12 Kings are the Executive arm). Mostly, though the Senators meet in one of local pubs and perhaps play bowls after. You might say that the role of the Senate is somewhat decorative, and indeed it's practically a prereq for the job that a Senator be able to Preside Majestically (for example, over fairs and parades); though they have not a little power over what national laws will be effective in the province and they (or rather, their offices and departments) take care of the day to day running of local government. Consider the subclause thingy done, though! Padraic.
>- andrew.